When it comes to your energy needs Root Fuel is the better choice.  



Why are we better?

We have a tall task in front of us. Negative environmental changes are looming; with our changing energy needs and ever increasing population it is becoming clear something must be done. As a nation, we need a energy solution that is simple and works. A solution that lowers emissions and saves us money all while being sustainable. This is something we deeply believe in and display with our biodiesel work. We want to do more than sell fuel; we want to change mindsets. This is what makes us the better choice.

It all starts...

Change starts with small steps. It starts with making a conscious choice everyday to create something better. On a regular bases you choose between recycling or not, paper or plastic, natural foods or processed to create change in your personal life. Creating change within our fuel landscape can be just as simple. It starts with a choice between sustainable domestic fuels of the other guys. Root Fuel is here to provide a catalyst for those choices. Choose Root Fuel. 

Our Mission is simple...

Our mission is to change the way americans think about fuel. In today's energy landscape most consumers don't realize it's possible to have an option outside of their "father's fuel". This is where we come in. We are here to say that all fuels are not created equal. We stand for more than fuel. When is comes to filling up we want to change our nations mindset from "who is the cheapest" to "who is domestic...who is ethical...who is the better choice". We want americans to understand when is comes to fuel they do have a choice. We stand for a better future.